About Brand Motiv360

Brand Motiv360 is an independent brand strategy and marketing company which works with companies where the brand is a business, product or service. We also work with companies and organizations from many walks of life. If you are a local company, we can help you to grow regionally and Internationally. We bring together all the creative and technical skills you need and we cover everything from planning and strategy, digital and design. We understand the bigger picture and we focus on results and like to keep things simple. Great branding and marketing will get you noticed, understood, preferred and loved. Brilliant ideas and storytelling are at the heart of what we do at Brand Motiv360. We believe that it’s a combination of expertise, perspective, and insight that can break inertia and propel your brand to the next level.

Brand Motiv360 believes in making smarter brand strategies, that lead to better creative outcomes. Without a brand strategy, the process of branding becomes arbitrary. That’s why we use a variety of research and analytical techniques to create brand strategies that resonate and feed into creative development. Strategically driven and creatively delivered, a compelling story or an awesome idea can have timeless appeal. The power of the message will never change. Brand Motiv360 helps companies find their inner magic through research and data, strategy and creative execution.

Our Offering

Brand Motiv360 offers a range of integrated services designed to support your brand and marketing needs. In our experience, successful marketing is underpinned by a powerful brand platform. And a strong brand is built through research, knowledge, and insights. The proactive strategy defines how the brand targets, locate, and reaches out to initiate relationships. Our goal is to help aspiring brands achieve ambitious growth across borders.

Value & Mission Statement


Our vision is to create better brands and businesses every day.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable profitability, growth, and innovation through brand strategy, marketing strategy, and business development.

Our Services

Branding Strategy

Problems we solve.

How do I position brands to win by creating a relevant purpose, promise, and principles?

How do I express my brand visually and verbally creating an emotional connection with my customers?

How do I bring my brand through dynamic, digital-enabled experience?

Business Development

Brand Motiv360 business development services are designed to help micro, small, and medium enterprises, and cooperatives to overcome barriers to increased profitability by improving their productivity and access to high-value markets. In this way, they can create and sustain productive, remunerative and good quality jobs, reduce poverty, and contribute to the development of the local economies.

Marketing Strategy

Problems we solve

What’s our vision for marketing next year? Next 3 years?

How do we activate our brand from inside through more inspirational employer branding and effective employee management?

What shift can we make to accelerate growth?

Can we hire a marketing executive for the day to close deals, sell our products/services?

Get In Touch

Service we offer

Our services include training, consultancy, and advisory services, marketing assistance, information, technology development and transfer, business linkage promotion, and linkages to financing and financial services.

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